Zittrain Comes to DC

Josh Bourne ⬥ 30 October

Some of you may remember Dr. Jonathan Zittrain from CADNA’s London event where the Harvard professor and author of The Future of the Internet- and How to Stop It delivered the keynote address on the evolution of the Internet. Jonathan entertained the crowd that gathered for the Forum with stories about the early days of the Internet and the zany personalities at the helm:

Jonathan argued that understanding how ICANN came to be would help us understand the organization as it is today and enable us to work with it more effectively.

Well, those in the Washington area now have the chance to hear him at a debate hosted by the New America Foundation on Thursday, November 6.

The event is billed as a preview of coming debates on the topic of Internet policy and regulation. Panelists will discuss whether the Internet, which originated as an open platform for innovation, is now a victim of its own success. When we spoke to Jonathan about the debate, he explained that the event will present a big-picture view of the Internet and its future, and is intended to be novel enough to be news to people in the technology business, but accessible enough for the general public.

Jonathan is a dynamic and engaging speaker, and will be featured alongside Adam Thierer, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Digital Media Freedom, and Michael Calabrese, Director of theWireless Future Program. If you’re interested in attending, you can register through New America’s Web site

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