Domain Name Strategy & Advisory

Domain Strategy and Portfolio Services

These services optimize and improve clients’ current domain name portfolios, and provide clients with improved short- and long-term strategies to extract value from their domain name programs.

  • Analyzes clients’ domain name portfolios and the digital spaces around their brands, ensuring that every recommendation is custom-tailored to their needs
  • Uncovers superfluous and unnecessary domain names to cut, leading to cost savings
  • Redirects domain names to better content, improving consumer engagement and conversion rates
  • Identifies valuable available domain names to register that will profitably expand clients’ digital reach, helping them connect to more customers
  • Identifies and prioritize harmful, third party-owned domain names to recover, protecting clients’ brand image
  • Develops best practices and processes for clients’ domain programs, allowing clients to continue to maximize the value of their domain name activities into the future
  • Scale and scope is tailored to each client’s needs and budgetary considerations

FairWinds Advisory Brief (FAB)

The FAB provides clients with ongoing targeted, proactive recommendations regarding valuable domain names to help them continue to extract value from their domain names and experience success in the online space.

  • Recommends domain names to register that will drive traffic, increasing online revenue through low cost customer acquisition
  • Continually monitors the domain space to provide timely alerts and recommendations about important domain names, ensuring that clients never miss an opportunity
  • Provides proactive advice, helping clients decrease and avoid cybersquatting
FairWinds provides clients with the most up-to-date and relevant proactive advice.

Contact us to put FairWinds’ experience, as a strategic advisor to over 40 global corporations on matters related to new gTLDs, to work for your company today.

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