Social Media Strategy & Portfolio

The evolving world of social media presents both opportunities and challenges to businesses. Top social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, offer brand owners opportunities to communicate and interact directly with existing and potential customers, as well as challenges in protecting their brands and trademarks against infringement and dilution.

FairWinds’ Social Media Strategy & Portfolio Services leverage our understanding of online consumer behavior and digital marketing and branding to help clients optimize their presence across various social media platforms. By advising our clients on owning and using the best social media usernames, we help them to establish a foundation on which to better interact with consumers.

  • Analyzes the current status of clients’ social media portfolios, identifying opportunities for clients to expand their presence to improve their ability to interact with customers
  • Recommends a list of usernames to register or recover, protecting clients’ brands from damage or harm and enhancing their ability to reach customers
  • Guides clients on how to recover taken usernames, minimizing costs and potential backlash
Establish a foundation on which to better interact with consumers.

Contact us to put FairWinds’ experience, as a strategic advisor to over 40 global corporations on matters related to new gTLDs, to work for your company today.

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