FairWinds Advisory Brief (FAB)

FairWinds Partners offers clients a unique and powerful opportunity to proactively protect themselves against online trademark infringement. Our online brand protection service combines human expertise with advanced technology to deliver data-driven, strategic, and actionable recommendations via custom weekly reports.

  • Avoid Data Overload: Other services provide spreadsheets full of possible infringements, but it’s not actionable data. Our online brand protection service combines human expertise with advanced technology to turn data into actionable items.
  • Reduce Costs: We notify you of opportunities to proactively register names that fit your online brand protection strategy, allowing you to avoid costly recovery efforts in the future.
  • Get It Done – Now: At your request, FairWinds can execute on the online brand protection recommendations in your FAB, saving you time and money.

The FAB is a customized and concise weekly report containing strategic recommendations regarding the client’s online brand portfolio and activities.

To produce each report, we continually monitor for infringements and abuses of trademarks, logos, and brands across all:

  • Domain names
  • Website content
  • Website code
  • eCommerce platforms

Our report also includes:

  • Status of domains owned by our client
  • Status of valuable domains that are relevant to our client’s business
  • Latest news and policy developments that may impact the client

FairWinds Partners converts all of this information into a set of specific and actionable recommendations that help our clients improve upon their online brand protection efforts and maximize the value of their domain name programs.

  • Domain names to register, recover, and redirect
  • Proactive advice on emerging opportunities and cybersquatters
  • Prioritized recommendations based the client’s business goals and needs
Online brand protection is hard – unless you have the right information and analysis at your fingertips.

Contact us to put FairWinds’ experience, as a strategic advisor to over 40 global corporations on matters related to new gTLDs, to work for your company today.

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