.WIRELESS, Really?

Josh Bourne ⬥ 31 January

Accessing the mobile site for Forex.com, a site that facilitates trading opportunities in forex and other global markets, revealed some peculiar labeling. The image at the top of the mobile pagereads “ForexTrader.Wireless,” which is confusing for a number of reasons.

Most glaringly, .WIRELESS is not an established gTLD, nor is it even a gTLD that anyone applied for in the New gTLD Program; it does not exist.  If the gTLD doesn’t exist, the domain name can’t exist, which makes navigating directly to ForexTrader.Wireless impossible.

Additionally, Forex doesn’t even own ForexTrader.com, making the choice of branding the mobile of the site in this way even more curious. It appears that the use of ForexTrader.Wireless is purely aesthetic, but it certainly raised some questions.

Tags: domain names, Forex, global markets, gTLDs, mobile site

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