Who’s Next?

Josh Bourne ⬥ 30 July

UNICEF appears to be in the market for its own TLD.  The UN organization dedicated to providing humanitarian and development aid to children and mothers in developing countries recently announced a Request for Information from potential vendors to help acquire and operate .UNICEF.

Back in October 2009, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) entered into an agreement with ICANN to operate .POST, making UNICEF the second UN organization to pursue its own TLD.  I’m curious to see what will happen going forward – will even more UN organizations follow suit and apply for eponymous TLDs?  Moreover, I wonder why the UN is so interested in owning TLDs and why these organizations feel they need these kinds of labels when they have .INT all to themselves and there is no fee for registering an .INT domain.

I’m also wondering who will be next – maybe the World Health Organization with .WHO? 

Tags: .INT, .POST, development aid, ICANN, Request for Information, TLDs, UN, UNICEF, Universal Postal Union, UPU, World Health Organization

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