Where There’s Smoke …

Phil Lodico ⬥ 31 January

…There’s delicious barbecue and delectable domain names.  Devoted Domain Name Strategy readers will remember my post from a few months back about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que reclaiming the domain name DinoBBQ.com via UDRP arbitration.  I recently spotted another tasty example of a small company using a great domain name, this time a keyword domain: the website for Lang BBQ Smokers can be found at PigRoast.com.

lang smokers

Lang BBQ Smokers is a family-run business based in Nahunta, Georgia.  In my opinion, they make some of the best smoker cookers on the market, from personal-sized smokers you can put in your backyard to restaurant-quality ones that can be used for catering.

It’s great to see a small company using a big-hit domain name. 

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