Tim Tebow Patriots Domains Still Available!

FairWinds Partners ⬥ 21 March

The practice of registering domain names that correspond to current events has a long and storied tradition (just ask Tiger Woods). It is such a popular practice among certain groups that some people have even taken to monitoring domain name registrations for clues about major new business developments. Most recently, speculation about an impending merger between US Airways and American Airlines erupted last week when reports revealed that US Airways had registered domains such as American-USAirways.com, AmericanAirlinesUSAirways.com, and USAirways-American.com.

In general, I’m apathetic when it comes to airline mergers.

Not so when it comes to the New England Patriots.

Yesterday, the digital pages of the Boston Globe were buzzing with speculation about whether or not Tim Tebow, in the wake of the Denver Bronco’s reaching a deal with Peyton Manning, will become the newest Pat. Incredulous, and conflicted in my feelings about Tebow, I did a couple of domain name look-ups to try and gauge how much traction the rumors had gained. The results? Like a Boston Globe reader poll that found an almost even split between those who wouldn’t want Tebow to join the Pats in any capacity, those would maybe want him, and those who would welcome him, my domain look-up didn’t tell me much, except perhaps that New England fans aren’t quite ready to embrace Tebow.

I looked up various combinations of Tim Tebow/New England Patriots-related domains including PatriotsTimTebow.com, TebowPats.com, PatsTimTebow.com, TebowBrady.com, and TebowBelichick.com. Of the fifteen domains I checked, only TimTebowPatriots.com had been registered as of yesterday. Of course, the Tebow trade is still all speculation. I for one won’t be rushing to register my preferred Tebow New England domain (MrTebowGoesToNewEngland.com) until I know more.

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