State of the Net for the Week of July 21

Yvette Miller ⬥ 21 July

Some of Sony’s gaming websites, including and, stopped working last week. Instead of seeing content, users found placeholder pages. What followed is a reminder of the importance of maintaining a well-honed domain name portfolio, domain name registration process, and tactical support.

Unhappy gamers took to Twitter to tease Sony about “losing” their domain names.

“please call the nerd herd and have them fix SOE,” one tweeter wrote. “they forgot to renew their domain name lol. how does sony forget to do that?”

According to the Register, John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment in the US, issued a comment stating that “DNS issues may take up to 48 hours to resolve. We are really really sorry on this one folks. Embarrassing and preventable. We screwed up. Notices sent to wrong email. Doh.”

For Your Radar

September 2 – 5: Internet Governance Forum, to be held in Instabul

September 18 – 19: International Trademark Association’s Internet, Innovation and ICANN: The Evolving Landscape of the Net conference, to be held in San Francisco

October 12 – 16: ICANN 51, to be held in Los Angeles

October 29: Nine-month contracting deadline for applicants with CIRs

July 29, 2015: 18-month contracting deadline for applicants with CIRs that request and are granted the 9-month extension

Public Comment Periods to Consider

July 29: Comment period closes on the Introduction of Two-Character Domain Names

Aug 1: Comment period closes on WHOIS Requirements and National Law Conflicts

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