State of the Net for the Week of December 23

By Yvette Miller

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

As your wrap up your year, consider what you still need to do to prepare for 2014, when domain names in new gTLDs will begin to be sold to the general public.

Not sure about what the Internet landscape will look like, or how it will really impact you and your business? Start here:

Aware of what’s going on, but need some help deciding next steps? Give us a ring or drop us a note. FairWinds can help you get set up in the Trademark Clearinghouse, figure out how to adapt your digital strategy to new gTLDs, and optimize your current domain name portfolio.

The march towards a dramatically different and expanded Internet will slow down for the next two weeks, though. Aside from maintaining the critical technical functions of the Internet, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is not expected to announce or execute any new developments until the New Year.

As of today, 201 Registry Agreements have been executed, 54 gTLDs have been delegated into the Root Zone, and 978 applicants have been invited to contract with ICANN – and that will be that until 2014.

For Your Radar

December 29: First Sunrise Period Ends (.SHABAKA)

January 24: First Donuts’ Sunrise Periods End

January 2014: ICANN Sends out Notifications of Intent for Auctions (Expected)

March 2014: First ICANN Auctions Begin (Expected)

March 23-27: ICANN 49 Singapore

Public Comment Periods:

December 27: Comment period closes on Whois Misuse

Jan 9: Comment period closes on the Specification 13 language for .BRAND applicants

Jan 31: Comment period closes on ICANN’s Draft Vision, Mission & Focus Areas for a Five-Year Strategic Plan

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