State of the Net for the Week of April 28

Yvette Miller ⬥ 28 April

The Internet community is still unpacking its opinion of last week’s NETmundial Internet governance conference. Some have come away disappointed by the difficulty of hearing a multitude of voices and accomplishing a multitude of agenda items. Others appear to be prepared for what looks like a long road ahead. Next step: Commenting on the final report came out of the meeting.

The Internet landscape continues to shift due to new gTLDs and New York City is at the center of the change. May is a busy month for the city that never sleeps: . The .NYC sunrise is set to start on May 5 and May 19 – 22 has been designated as Internet Week New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio will deliver a keynote address at the Internet Week headquarters, the Metropolitan Pavilion, where attendees will discuss tech’s role in media and entertainment, creativity, retail and commerce, and more. In addition to the events at the headquarters, simultaneous events will occur around the city. Others looking to participate in Internet Week with their own event can join the festival.

For Your Radar

  • May 10-14: International Trademark Association’s 136th Annual Meeting, which will be held in Hong Kong
  • May 19-May 22: Internet Week New York
  • June: First ICANN Auction (Expected)
  • June 22 – 26:  ICANN 50 in London
  • October 12 – 16: ICANN 51 in Los Angeles
  • October 29: Nine-Month Contracting Deadline for Applicants with CIRs
  • July 29, 2015: 18-Month Contracting Deadline for Applicants with CIRs that Request and are Granted the 9-month extension

Public Comment Periods to Consider:

April 29: Comment period closes on ICANN’s Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance’s Submission to NETMundial

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