Startup Manages Online Presence with Domain Name Strategy


FairWinds’ client, now one of the leading social commerce companies, was in a unique position. As a relatively young startup, it was experiencing a tremendous rate of growth and needed to develop a robust domain name program that it could constantly adapt and improve as needed. This is crucial for maximizing a program’s effectiveness, due to the constantly changing nature of business and the Internet. The client wanted to be able to take advantage of FairWinds’ expertise and advice as questions, threats, and opportunities might arise in the domain name space, especially considering the client’s continued growth nationally and globally. In this case, the client took FairWinds’ recommendation and began utilizing FairWinds’ ongoing strategic advisory services, specifically the FairWinds Advisory Brief (FAB).


The FairWinds Advisory Brief is a key component of FairWinds’ ongoing strategic advisory services and provides clients with targeted advice to help drive value and traffic, as well as prevent cybersquatting. FairWinds sends the FAB as a weekly brief comprised of four main components. The first is a set of prioritized domain name recommendations, based on extensive research and ongoing monitoring. The second is a set of recommendations on activating and redirecting domain names already owned by the client to intuitive, expected content. The third is the proactive monitoring, identification, assessment and prioritization of “deleting” domain names, and the fourth component is strategic advice on how to create and maintain an efficient, targeted domain name portfolio.


The FairWinds Advisory Brief has been instrumental in keeping the client informed on domain names of significant value and keeping those names from being registered by malicious third parties. In the time since the project was initiated, the client has taken action and registered a significant number of the available domain names that FairWinds has recommended for registration via the FAB. The client has also recovered a number of valuable domain names from third parties. One of these domain names was generating over 46,000 monthly visitors, alone, and has the power to make a significant difference in the client’s positioning and presence in the domain name space. These moves have been crucial to assuring that the client is confident that it is maintaining an effective and efficient domain name program.

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