Staking Out Territory: Top 100 Brands and Their Twitter Presence

As Twitter prepares for its hotly-anticipated initial public offering, FairWinds Partners took a look at how the world’s biggest brands use the popular social media platform to build communities and communicate with their fan bases.

Of the top 100 global brand name companies, 83 percent own their eponymous Twitter handles and only one has no presence at all on the popular social media platform. Some of the 83 brands with eponymous handles draw more followers on handles specifically tailored to customers rather than the company’s trademarked name, focusing instead on regional markets or more tailored communications.

  • 83/100 own their eponymous handle
  • 15/100 don’t own their eponymous handle, but do have a Twitter presence with another username
  • Only 1/100 didn’t have a presence at all
  • The ownership of the remaining 1/100 is unclear*
  • 66 tweet daily or at least twice per week

Read the full study here.

A creative social media strategy that includes an imaginative portfolio of Twitter handles can strengthen an existing digital strategy or launch a new, innovative one the same way the right portfolio of domain names in the right extensions can. Some brands will adapt to new platforms early enough to secure prime online real estate; some may need to be more creative if they’ve been beaten to the punch; and some will develop new naming conventions entirely.

But a strategic vision about which handles, domain names, and extensions to use as platforms for creative outreach – and how they all tie together – creates a foundation for a solid digital strategy that can grow and adapt as the Internet and business goals change.

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