Siding with the Swiss

Josh Bourne ⬥ 27 August

Brandchannel’s lead story this week points out that “Switzerland, with less than 16,000 square miles of land mass and less than 8 million people, is paradoxically one of the world’s richest countries—and home to a disproportionate number of influential global brands.”

It’s no surprise that so many businesses flock to Switzerland. Not only is the country centrally located in Europe, but Switzerland has become central to the marketplace because it is synonymous with quality. Barry Silverstein, author of the paper “Small Country, Big Brands” reports that the association of “Swiss made” with high value has even prompted the Swiss government to consider new laws that would establish stricter standards for what can be considered a Swiss brand. Aware of its illustrious international reputation, Switzerland looks to live up to it. And brands, likewise aware of the country’s international reputation, look to become associated with its high standards.

Throughout the years, I have spent time traveling to places such as Zurich, Baden, Schaffhausen, Basel, Biel, Vevey, Lausanne and Geneva, and have developed personal relationships with many brand owners there. Actually, Katie Richards, now Director-Europe for FairWinds and the European liaison for CADNA, is a friend that I had gotten to know during her time at Credit Suisse. With such great brands and people in Switzerland, it was a natural choice for FairWinds’ expansion into Europe. Katie has been key to opening FairWinds’ Europe branch and we’re happy to be in the thick of things, serving the best brands in the world. Next steps? Maybe hiring the decorator that styled Google’s zany Swiss headquarters in Zurich

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