Satellite TV Provider Protects Customers by Domain Recovery


FairWinds’ client, a leading provider of satellite-based television services, needed to work on developing a more robust domain name program that would allow it to adapt and improve as the landscape evolves. A flexible and current domain name portfolio is crucial towards maximizing a company’s domain name program’s effectiveness, taking into account the constantly changing nature of business and the Internet. Given access to FairWinds’ expertise and advice, clients will gain a significant advantage as questions, threats and opportunities might arise concerning the domain name space. FairWinds determined that the best solution for this client would be the FairWinds Advisory Brief (FAB), a key component of FairWinds’ ongoing strategic advisory services.


The FairWinds Advisory Brief is one of the key components of FairWinds’ ongoing strategic advisory services. The FAB is delivered weekly in the form of a brief and provides clients with on-demand advice, with the goal of providing clients with the information and recommendations needed to increase value and traffic online, as well as deter and prevent cybercriminal activity, such as cybersquatting. For this client, there are four main components to each FAB. First, FairWinds provides the client with prioritized domain name recommendations, based on extensive research and monitoring. Next, FairWinds discusses recommendations on which domain names to activate or redirect. The third section identifies which domain names to prioritize for deletion, and the last contains strategic advice on the creation and maintenance of an efficient and effective targeted domain name portfolio.


The FairWinds Advisory Brief has become a key component to the client’s overall domain name strategy by bringing the client’s attention to available domain names of significant value and importance, as well as alerting the client to domain names registered by malicious third parties that may be causing harm, dozens of which have been leading to websites containing infringing material and hundreds containing pay-per-click (PPC) links. Based on FAB recommendations, the client has already taken action on and successfully recovered 129 domain names, accounting for approximately 31,497 visitors alone in terms of global monthly traffic. It is important that the client know about such domain names, in order to protect both its reputation and its consumers, as well as to ensure the optimization of its overall positioning and presence in the domain name space.

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