Premium Spirits Company Efficiently Battles Cybersquatting


One of FairWinds’ clients, the manufacturer of one of the world’s best-selling liquors, found itself struggling to protect its brands from cybersquatting without having to spend an overwhelming amount of time and resources to do so. Non-company related third parties are often responsible for many of the most valuable brand-related domain name registrations. The relative ease of registering a domain name, combined with the right opportunity, has lent itself time and again to cybersquatting. The client needed to focus its efforts and only target the domain names worth pursuing, but lacked the necessary expertise in the domain name space to make such determinations. FairWinds, on the other hand, does have such experience, and provided the client with its Domain Name & Username Recovery Services as an effective means to address this problem.


FairWinds’ unrivaled suite of Domain Name & Username Recovery Services leverages the intellectual property expertise of seasoned attorneys as well as the extensive domain name expertise of FairWinds’ staff. This service provides clients with a cost-effective and reliable means of categorizing and prioritizing infringing domain names and of successfully recovering those domain names that have been deemed valuable and have the potential to optimize the client’s online presence. For this client, FairWinds began by using its proprietary methodology to identify the most pressing infringements, next sorting them into two categories – high and low priority for recovery. FairWinds then began providing monthly deliverables to the client containing information on which domain names to take action on.


FairWinds was able to save the client significant amounts of both time and money by providing the client with monthly deliverables detailing which domain names to prioritize. Between sending cease and desist letters, waiting for domain names to expire to be registered, and filing for UDRP arbitration, recovering domain names can be an expensive and timely process. Because of FairWinds’ recommendations, which break the list of infringements into high and low priority domain names and give the client a better idea of the level of urgency of each, the client knew which domain names to go after immediately, as well as the domain names not to bother with.

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