Pairing Art and Technology

Yvette Miller ⬥ 24 June

Art directors George Lois (of Esquire and “I Want My MTV” campaign fame) and Lee Clow (from TBWA\Worldwide, best known for his work on Apple’s “1984″ commercial) agree that, “whatever the business looks like tomorrow, the magic of the creative mind – not the bells and whistles of technology – will remain the driving force in great advertising.”

“The name of the game isn’t technology. The name of the game is creativity,” Lois tells USA Today columnist Michael Wolff, as reported by Adweek. “Do great work, and have the courage to sell it. Force it to be sold.”

While advertisers strive not to be “slaves to technology”, as the article states, technology can challenge advertisers’ creativity in new ways. That’s why it’s exciting to hear about launches like video for Instagram – brands get creative with innovative technology and platforms, and find new ways to communicate and interact with audiences – beyond content.

We wait with great anticipation to see what brands will do next and how the latest innovation will deliver new ways to experience a brand online. Take new gTLDs, for instance.  A whole new world of experience could arise from creative use of new gTLDs.

The universe that brands create using domain names and social media usernames can add to the creative content and disseminate it deeper into consumer consciousness. The content is not just duplicated. It is magnified to create an understanding and intimacy with the brand.

So yes, creative minds turn advertising into something that sings. But the bells and whistles of technology make great instruments to fiddle with.

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