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Josh Bourne ⬥ 24 November

Canon, the popular camera maker, has recently launched a project titled Your Second Shot.  The goal of the project is to recapture special moments that were “lost” – namely, that resulted in dark, blurry photographs because of low lighting.  The project centers around Canon’s new HS SYSTEM technology, which is designed to shoot high-quality photos in low-light settings and reduce blurring.

Second Take

One story featured on the Your Second Shot website is called CBGB’s.  The Postelles, a rock band from New York, played their first real gig at the legendary CBGB’s, but the photos taken to commemorate the event didn’t come out well.  So Canon recreated the gig at the same venue (despite CBGB’s having closed down in October 2006) and photos were retaken using Canon cameras featuring the HS SYSTEM technology.  Now, the Postelles have quality photographs depicting them playing on the CBGB stage.

When I first saw a commercial for the project, I noticed it displayed a URL that was not very user friendly or recallable:  But when I checked further, it turns out Canon owns both and, which both point to the project website.

Not only is the Your Second Shot project a pretty cool concept, it’s also very cool to see Canon using great domain names to support the campaign and make it easier for its audience to find when they practice direct navigation. 

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