New gTLD Prioritization Draw Underway

FairWinds Partners —  December 17, 2012

The Prioritization Draw for new gTLDs is now well underway. Despite a bit of a rough start with the live stream of the Draw, ICANN has been steadily plugging away through the 1,766 applications that opted to participate. With 1,930 applications submitted, this figure represents 92 percent of applications – meaning less than 200 applications chose to not participate in the Draw.

ICANN drew 108 IDN gTLD applications first before moving on to the non-IDN gTLD strings. Of the first 100 non-IDN gTLDs drawn, 47 were for branded terms or generic terms submitted by a major brand. Of the remaining 53, five were for geographic terms (.RUHR, .KOELN, .HELSINKI, .TOKYO and .PARIS), and the final 48 were for generic terms.

Below are the lists of the first 25 branded and first 25 generic-term gTLDs with their applicants in parentheses. Generic terms that were applied for by brands are bolded.

Branded Terms:

  1. .DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.)
  2. .DELMONTE (Del Monte International GmbH)
  3. .BLANCO (BLANCO GmbH + Co KG)
  4. .GLE (Charleston Road Registry Inc.)
  5. .SCHWARZGROUP (Schwarz Domains und Services GmbH & Co. KG)
  6. .SAMSCLUB (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.)
  7. .MCKINSEY (McKinsey Holdings, Inc.)
  8. .ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne G.E.I.E.)
  9. .TRANSFORMERS (Hasbro International, Inc.)
  10. .KERRYHOTELS (Kerry Trading Co. Limited)
  11. .REDUMBRELLA (Travelers TLD, LLC)
  12. .VIVA (Saudi Telecom Company)
  13. .AGHAKHAN (Fondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation))
  14. .WTC (World Trade Centers Association, Inc.)
  15. .STC (Saudi Telecom Company)
  16. .MOBILY (GreenTech Consultancy Company W.L.L.)
  17. .LIPSY (Lipsy Ltd) B
  18. .IMAMAT (Fondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation))
  19. .FIAT (Fiat S.p.A.)
  20. .OTSUKA (Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.)
  21. .LASALLE (Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated)
  22. .DIGIKEY (Digi-Key Corporation)
  23. .TEMASEK (Temasek Holdings (Private) Limtied)
  24. .CYOU (Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
  25. .GLADE (Johnson Shareholdings, Inc.)

Generic Terms:

  1. .PLAY (Amazon EU S.à r.l.)
  2. .DOG (Top Level Domain Holdings Limited)
  3. .LAT (ECOM-LAC Federaciòn de Latinoamèrica y el Caribe para Internet y el Comercio Electrònico)
  4. .PARTY (Oriental Trading Company, Inc.)
  5. .ENERGY (Binky Birch, LLC)
  6. .FOOD (Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.)
  7. .MORMON (IRI Domain Management, LLC)
  8. .CAREER (dotCareer LLC)
  9. .CAMERA (Atomic Maple, LLC)
  10. .FISHING (United TLD Holdco Ltd.)
  11. .BUY (Amazon EU S.à r.l.)
  12. .WEDDING (Wedding TLD LLC)
  13. .MENU (Wedding TLD2, LLC)
  14. .CITY (Snow Sky, LLC)
  15. .ACTIVE (The Active Network, Inc)
  16. .FISHING (Top Level Domain Holdings Limited)
  17. .CHURCH (Holly Fields, LLC)
  18. .TECH (Uniregistry, Corp.)
  19. .BUY (PVT Registry, LLC)
  20. .LIFESTYLE (Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.)
  21. .INVESTMENTS (Holly Glen, LLC)
  22. .IDN (Nameshop)
  23. .JOY (Amazon EU S.à r.l.)
  24. .FURNITURE (Uniregistry, Corp.)
  25. .WANG (Zodiac Leo Limited)

We’ll be following up tomorrow with more details.

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