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Not all companies have the time, experience or resources to manage their domain name programs. This was the case for one of FairWinds’ clients, a leading provider of document technologies products and services. This client looked to FairWinds to provide the advice and guidance needed to more fully realize the power of the domain names in its portfolio and to effectively navigate the domain name space, seeking to enlist FairWinds’ aid in managing its domain name program from an administrative perspective. This included help with tactical internal request management and workflow interfacing, vendor management and oversight, and database management, all with the aim to help the client ensure quality execution. The client, freed from having to deal with the burden of these administrative aspects, would then be able to focus on other projects and strategic initiatives. As a result, the client engaged FairWinds for Domain Name Program Administration.


FairWinds’ Domain Name Program Administration is an ongoing service that combines domain name program management with expert advice, analysis and oversight. A sample of the administrative functions FairWinds performs for this client are: processing internal requests related to domain name administration activities; reviewing requests to ensure that they are in compliance with the client’s Domain Name Policy and Strategy; making recommendations if requested domain names are unavailable; interaction with the DNS provider to ensure that zone files are properly configured for new registrations and domain modifications; and database management of domain names and requests. FairWinds also provides expert advice and guidance on such topics as internationalized domain names (IDNs), domain name servers (DNS) and Internet policy, such as those created by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


One of the biggest benefits since beginning Domain Name Program Administration has been that the client now has a comprehensive database of domain names that are being centrally managed. The process for everything from domain name modification to billing is much more streamlined and simplified. The client had recently come into possession of a large number of domains from a company acquisition as well and FairWinds was able to transfer them for the client. An added benefit has been that, since the client is consolidating the number of domain names it has with a particular registrar, this has translated into cost savings, leveraging the increased number of domain names into a better pricing structure.

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