Global 500 IT Co. Improves Traffic with Domain Name Management


One of FairWinds’ clients, a Global 500 IT company, needed help remaining proactive about constantly adapting and improving its domain name program. This is a crucial step towards maximizing a domain name portfolio’s effectiveness, due to the ever-changing nature of the company and the Internet itself. FairWinds understands that companies constantly need to adapt their strategies, else they risk losing out on valuable and intuitive domain names that can end up in the wrong hands, such as third parties wishing them or their consumers harm. In this case, the client received FairWinds Advisory Briefs (FABs) as part of FairWinds’ proactive advisory services. The FAB provides clients with up-to-date, relevant and proactive advice in the form of weekly briefs and on-demand advice.


The FairWinds Advisory Brief is a unique monitoring service that advises clients on domain names that FairWinds has deemed to be of particular value and relevance. The FAB advises clients on which domain names to focus as well as what kind of action to take and how. With this proactive solution, FairWinds began monitoring the latest international and local news about the company, including developments with regard to the client’s brands, programs, promotions, campaigns, and initiatives. Next, FairWinds began sending the client comprehensive weekly briefs that highlight prioritized domain name recommendations for the client. These FABs indicate how the client can make better use of domain names already owned, as well as which domain names it should consider acquiring or recovering.


FairWinds’ Advisory Briefs have helped the client remain proactive about its domain name portfolio in terms of taking action on registering, deleting, and redirecting domain names. This, in turn, has helped the client in its overall efforts to maintain an efficient and targeted domain name portfolio. On advice from FABs, the client has since redirected over 79 percent of its domain names, in order to ensure that visitors to those sites are met with relevant company content. This has been part of the client’s larger initiative to work with FairWinds to make the best use of its current portfolio of domain names, many of which either did not resolve or led to generic content. According to official records, FairWinds has successfully redirected 1,204 domain names for the client, with another 720 in the works. This has resulted in a significant and immediate increase in qualified traffic as well as customer satisfaction.

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