Global 500 Financial Services Firm Stays a Step Ahead of Username Squatters


FairWinds’ client, a global 500 financial services firm, had very little presence on major social networks and needed to improve its positioning within the social media sphere. Social media has emerged as one of the best and most important ways for a company to both dispense information and communicate effectively with its consumers. FairWinds’ solution was to propose the use of its Social Media Strategy & Portfolio Services. These services provide clients with key recommendations on how to better position and properly protect their brands online, including help with securing all relevant and necessary usernames across the most important social media sites.


FairWinds began by generating a list of the most intuitive and valuable usernames for the client, based on FairWinds’ own comprehensive research as well as information provided by the client. FairWinds then checked the availability of, and categorized, each username across the top 150 social media platforms. Next, FairWinds created a dataset profiling the social media platforms themselves, conducting a thorough analysis of each one in order to provide recommendations to help the client determine which ones to focus the majority of its social media efforts on. Specifics, such as cost of registration, website traffic, support of advertisements, and the number of registered users, were all factored in.


FairWinds discovered that 81% of the usernames that it checked were still available for registration. This meant that there was still ample opportunity for the client to create and maintain an active presence for itself on most social media sites, as well as to protect itself from username squatters seeking to register those usernames in bad faith. FairWinds’ recommendations helped the client prioritize which usernames to register and when and how to interact with users on major social media sites like Facebook. FairWinds also provided the client with a list of usernames that had already been registered and that it should try to recover in order to prevent those not associated with the client from causing harm to the client’s digital and real world identity.

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