Get Smart: FairWinds Launches New Service

FairWinds Partners ⬥ 28 November

Last week, FairWinds launched a new service called FairWinds Intelligence, a patent-pending revolutionary new domain name infringement and management technology. Intelligence utilizes the Domain Name Intelligence Engine (DNIE), a software that identifies, categorizes and quantifies infringing domain names, and when combined with our advisoryservices, helps clients make real-time decisions about which domains to recover.

Years ago, when we first entered the business of domain name strategy consulting, we knew the field would be constantly changing. In fact, that’s one of the things that excited us about it. We knew we, too, would have to adapt in order to continue providing our clients with the best advice in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible.

Other automated domain name monitoring tools have been around the marketplace for a while now. Because FairWinds has such a trusted relationship with all of our clients, we have been privy to the best and the worst tools that others offer. Unfortunately, we’ve observed that the vast majority are overpriced and frankly, inaccurate in their categorizations of infringing domains. Moreover, they do nothing to actually prevent or combat cybersquatting for the clients who use them.

In the past, we rejected the idea of developing our own tool, largely because here at FairWinds, we are branding, marketing and legal experts, not software developers. But then we met Desvio, a technology provider based in Silicon Valley that is comprised of a small group of highly skilled engineers. But the Desvio team is more than just talented technologists – they truly understand the bigger picture of cybersquatting and the impact that it can have on businesses outside of the realm of the DNS. When we met Desvio, we realized now was the right time to take the leap and develop our own tool.

The result was an easy-to-use dashboard interface where clients can access and view all of the domains classified by the DNIE, receive real-time notifications and manage the workflow to recover valuable domains. We’re very pleased with the end result, and can’t wait to begin rolling it out to clients.

For more information on the new Intelligence service, visit our Services page on the FairWinds website.

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