From the Application Window to the Ballot Box

FairWinds Partners —  July 11, 2012

Politics and government abound when your headquarters are located in Washington, DC. The White House is a relatively short walk down Pennsylvania Avenue from our office in Georgetown, and the Capitol is not much further than that. There are even rumors that the CIA used to have a secret drop-off spot just a block from our office.

But despite the fact that we come just short of having a constant parade of donkeys and elephants right outside our window, we tend to stay out of the political side of things and focus mostly on the private sector here at FairWinds. But every once in a while, Capitol Hill finds its way into the work we do, like when we investigated the prevalence of identity squatting among members of Congress. Identity squatting is a lot like cybersquatting, except instead of brand names, third parties register domains containing the names of prominent individuals (in this case, politicians) in bad faith or with the intent to profit off the fame of those individuals. (more…)

TAGS: Democrats, GOP, Identity Squatting, Politics, Republicans, RSLC, United TLD Holdco Ltd

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