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Liz Sweezey ⬥ 21 January

While perusing through to catch up on some news recently, I came across an interesting post on the Eatocracy blog where the author describes the linguistic double-take she did upon hearing the name of Tyson Foods Inc.’s new product, “Any’tizers ® Quesa Dippers”.

Food for Thought

Now, I’m not here to offer judgment on Tyson’s products.  And I’m not even going to try to venture a guess as to what a “Quesa Dipper” is  (feel free to check out the picture here and leave your guess in a comment).  But, like the author, I too appreciate a clever portmanteau.  In fact, what caught my eye about this post was the following statement:

“Hey, I dig a good neologism or tasty portmanteau as much as the next lady.  For crying out loud, the word ‘Eatocracy’ came into being during a conference call last spring as I ranted, ‘It’ll be a food democracy! A foodocracy! Heck, an eatocracy!’  Boom.  Legal department e-mailed, domain nabbed,Twitter feed and G-mail addy secured and now we have, like, officially-printed aprons and cutting boards and everything.”

Not only is this individual a wordplay enthusiast, she clearly understands the value of securing domains and other digital identifiers to protect new ideas.  Unfortunately, it appears Tyson has been too busy crafting new snacks with snappy monikers to catch on to the trend: points to a pay-per-click site and remains unregistered. 

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