Bringing in the Big Guns

Phil Lodico ⬥ 20 June

As the debate over new TLDs rages on, more and more people are joining in the discussion and offering their two cents.  Just the other day, former New York City mayor Ed Koch announced that he is behind the .nyc top-level domain.  He went so far as to call .nyc “the best real estate opportunity since the Dutch bought Manhattan,” and asserted that he could not wait to register and  Koch even noted that .nyc would create jobs and provide much needed money for city programs, a message that has a special resonance in this economic climate.

Back in March, I wrote a blog post on a similar topic, about Al Gore’s endorsement of a .eco TLD.  Even the Pope weighed in on this issue, arguing that dot-RELIGION domains like .catholic or .buddhist will lead to bitter disputes over who has the right to each of these TLDs.

The important thing to remember when it comes to this issue, no matter who comes out for or against the new TLDs or how famous that person is, is that the debate is still fraught with uncertainty and disagreement.

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