Baller, Name Caller

Samantha Demetriou ⬥ 24 June

I should probably begin this post with a disclaimer that I am not much of an NBA fan. Aside from occasionally tuning in to watch the Celtics in the playoffs over the past few years, I don’t really watch or follow professional basketball. I’m much more into college ball (go Hoyas!), and besides, I’m still waiting for the tiny shorts to come back in vogue.

Baller, Name Caller

Regardless of this fact, I know enough about the NBA to know who Ron Artest is, and that I should probably never get too sassy with him. Now, after reading yesterday’s Huffington Post article, I know that Mr. Artest has filed a petition to legally change his name to Metta World Peace.

Metta is one of the Bhuddist parami, or Perfections, and means “loving-kindness.” According to TMZ, Artest would like “Peace” to be printed on the back of his Lakers Jersey.

While I wish Ron, or Metta, all the best with this name change, I couldn’t help but notice that the domain name was registered yesterday, the same day news about his name-change petition broke, under a privacy-protected proxy. It currently resolves to a mostly blank Google Sites page.

Of course, the domain could have been registered by Artest or one of his representatives (such as an agent), but it is also highly possible that it was registered by a third party who found out about the petition. If that’s the case, then maybe after the judge OK’s his name change, the newly dubbed Mr. Peace will set his sights on getting that domain name. 

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