A Little Patch of Green on Earth Day

Josh Bourne ⬥ 22 April

The South End, MA edition of Patch.com ran a story earlier this week about a new company called Swap.com that recently won Boston’s Green Business Award. The premise is just as it sounds – Swap.com is a social commerce site where people can connect to trade goods. It has documented close to 2 million swaps so far.

swap com

So where does the green business part come in? Swapping is basically recycling at its most basic form. When one person finds that he or she no longer has a use for an item, instead of throwing it away or donating it, he or she can trade it for something else on Swap.com.

Another reason Swap.com is such a cool company is its attitude toward its domain name. CEO Jeff Bennett had this to say about the category-defining domain:

“With the advent of smart phones, there’s this incredible integration of local-social-photo-mobile technologies that enables swapping in both local and mass markets at the same time. So, we’ve gone out and acquired the most descriptive domain name we could find to build a category leading company… ‘Swap.com.’”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

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