Domain names are among the most valuable assets in the world—as the entry points to all direct online interaction, it is no surprise that corporations now seek new ways to better manage and more fully leverage these assets.

Those who want to achieve the best results from their domain name programs partner with the only firm that has the right know how–FairWinds Partners. After all, the difference between a well-run corporate domain program and one that is run poorly could be as great as hundreds of millions of dollars in profit or loss.

FairWinds’ approach to Internet strategy is based on intensive research and solid metrics. On behalf of our clients and the global Internet community, we continuously analyze the online landscape to identify opportunities, balance risks against costs, and achieve goals. Through our efforts, clients and non-clients alike have benefited from our commitment to improving the domain name space.

In order to create an effective domain program, companies must have an in-depth understanding of the Internet landscape and the behavior of Internet users. This is much more than just pairing brand names with TLDs – this is about using the address bar to drive strategic and measurable value. Determining how their business model interacts with each of these factors and knowing the basics enables brands to identify opportunities and risks in the domain name space; perform a cost-benefit analysis; and make smart choices about what names to register and how to use them.

Because the Internet landscape is constantly changing, and a brand’s goals are continually evolving, remaining nimble and adaptable is key. This premise underpins all of our work, ranging from company-specific strategy development to broad Internet policy advocacy.

FairWinds achieves the best results for their partners with the right know-how, based on intensive research and solid metrics.
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