When the Good Times Come Again …

Josh Bourne ⬥ 14 May

It seems like everyone is feeling the economic crunch to some degree. The New York Times reports that even though there are encouraging signs in the economy, the latest disappointment in retail sales signal that people remain cautious. In down markets, individuals and companies alike look for new opportunities to make the most of what they have and to cut back on waste.

Honestly, that’s the up side of difficult times. They force you take a hard look at your personal practices and business practices and make adjustments that are necessary today, but were a good idea yesterday and will still be a good idea tomorrow.

Our clients are cutting back on unnecessary waste by reevaluating their domain name portfolios – it’s a simple way to make a company leaner and it amounts to significant cost-savings. For example, I estimate we have saved our clients over $5MM in fees they were needlessly paying to keep unnecessary domain names. We’ve also helped them recover over 20MM previously misdirected site visitors, which has lead to incalculable new sales, leads and opportunities. One client is putting a price tag on the value of their cost savings and it’s shaping up to look like an eight-figure amount USD per year.

Tightening the belt now and getting rid of wasteful spending won’t just help in the current economic setting – when the good times come again, they’ll be that much more profitable.

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