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Phil Lodico ⬥ 13 April

News about VeriSign’s new registry service, called “Domain Name Exchange,” has been creating a stir in the Internet community. VeriSign, which is the operator of the .COM, .NET, and .NAME TLDs, has proposed a new service for domains in .NET that would essentially allow a registrant to return a domain name after an introductory period (1-3 months, as the Registry Request Service that VeriSign submitted to ICANN suggested). The registrar could allow another registrant to register the domain name.

The announcement can be found here.

Giving registrants the option of exchanging a domain after 1-3 months could create a major opportunity for domain name tasting. According to reports, registrars will still require a registrant to financially commit up-front to a yearlong registration; however, such a registration fee may not create enough of a deterrent to keep tasters from exploiting this new license to return. 

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