King of the Domain Name Mountain

Taylor Frank ⬥ 14 May

This week, High Sierra Sporting Company, a manufacturer of adventure and travel gear, acquired the domain name Founded in 1978, the company is the official supplier of bags and luggage for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team. Prior to this acquisition, it used the domain name

High Sierra did not disclose how much it paid for the domain, but it was clearly worth the investment: the company’s president, Hank Bernbaum, said, “We are excited about the purchase of The shortened URL will make it easier for our customers to locate and contact us more quickly.” Bryan Kinsley, the company’s COO, echoed this sentiment, affirming that many customers know the company simply as “High Sierra.”

According to Domain Tools, was first registered back in 1995, most likely before the company was even considering the idea of building a website. Currently, High Sierra is redirecting the domain back to This move is understandable, considering that the site ranks first in a Google search for the term “High Sierra,” but in order to really begin extracting the full potential of the domain, High Sierra may want to consider developing a standalone site around the new domain, and eventually transitioning from to

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