Back in Eagle River

Josh Bourne ⬥ 27 July

I’m up in Eagle River, Wisconsin on vacation with my sons this week.  We visited last year around this time, and I blogged about that trip as well.

My birthday was on Saturday, and in addition to my two boys Charlie and Oliver, my sister, my parents and my grandmother were all here to celebrate with me.  We spent all day out on the lakes, fishing, swimming and boating.  For my birthday dinner, I chose bratwurst – which you can see pictured here – and my mom made her homemade coleslaw.

Eagle River

As the brats sizzled away on the grill, I got curious about who owns  Turns out it’s Johnsonville Sausage, which got its start here in Wisconsin. is obviously a great name for the company to own, so way to go, Johnsonville.  Now, if only they would build a separate site – even a very basic one – at, they should get it to rank separately in organic search results.  Their competitor, The Sheboygan Bratwurst Company, did and they fairly easily grabbed a spot on page 1 with ranks on the first page of a search for “bratwurst,” but if the company could also get to rank, they could potentially push another site off page 1 and collect even more traffic.

The clever marketer behind the Charlie Murphy ads should leverage its digital assets better and dominate online just like it does in the grocery store. 

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