The Power of Domain Names

Domain names, at their most basic level, are intuitive labels or addresses that help us navigate around millions of websites on the Internet. Domain names save us the trouble of memorizing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are comprised of long strings of numbers, and instead provide us with a word, or series of words, that we can associate with where we want to go.

The best domain names, however, do so much more than that.

Domain names are the very foundation upon which businesses build their digital strategies and thus, more and more, their financial success. They are the points of recognition that tell Internet users they are in the right place to find official branded content. Domain names are unique and powerful identifiers that represent and reflect the image a brand wants to project online.

When paired with the right strategy, domain names will drive online traffic to a website, promote and extend brand reach, and defend against trademark infringement and brand dilution.

The introduction of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) into the Domain Name System underscores the value of a good, intuitive, easy-to-remember name. New gTLDs will open up new space in which companies can improve security, build trust and authenticity, embrace new business opportunities, and support new business models. New gTLDs will expand consumer choice and help establish that crucial, often personal, connection loyal consumers are looking for.

The Internet is many things to many people, but the one thing it’s not is static. The digital space continually evolves and changes in ways that force businesses to adapt quickly or fall behind the competition.  A solid domain name portfolio and a dynamic strategy create the environment in which businesses can maximize their online presence, optimize revenue, and shrink costs.